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Bug 210: OPEN

incomplete syslinux bootloader installation

Date: 2018-11-22 - Creator: hgt - Priority standard - 0 messages

When slitaz rolling is booted from the
ISO image from 2018-11-18,
and slitaz-installer is called to install to
a partition with an ext4 file system on a disk
with GPT partition table,
including a bootlader, the following happens:

tazinst tries to install syslinux for bootloader

tazinst tries (in lines 1713-1716) to copy
files *.c32 and *.sys from directories 
/home/boot/extlinux /home/boot/syslinux /boot/syslinux
if they exist, to the directory /boot/syslinux on the target medium.
But none of these directories exists.
So nothing is copied and no error is reported.
The only directory containing *.c32 files is /boot/isolinux in the ISO image.

In lines 1717-1718 tazinst tries to extract from /usr/share/boot/chain.c32.lzma
to /boot/syslinux on the target medium.
This results in:
Error: cannot open input file /usr/share/boot/chain.c32.lzma
because /usr/share/boot/chain.c32.lzma
does not exist.

Affected package(s): tazinst


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