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Bug 110: CLOSED

Add virtual disks support in vmware virtual machines.

Date: 2014-02-17 21:22 - Creator: domcox - Priority standard - 1 message

In vmware by default, a new virtual machine uses an IDE disk for Windows 
9x, XP, Server 2003, NetWare and FreeBSD guests. The default 
for other guest operating systems is a SCSI disk.

The virtual SCSI hard disk is for any guest operating system that has a driver 
for the LSI Logic or BusLogic SCSI adapter. BusLogic is the default adapter. 
The LSI Logic adapter has improved performance and works better with generic 
SCSI devices. The LSI Logic adapter is also supported by ESX Server 2.0 and 

Having SliTaz running as a guest operating system in a new wmware virtual 
machine requires a driver for either the LSI Logic or BusLogic SCSI adapter. 
It has to be built into the kernel or made available as a module.


By: domcox on 2014-02-18 18:52