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Bug 126: CLOSED

TazPanel don't accept wifi password with ampersand character.

Date: 2014-06-25 09:20 - Creator: fkonrad - Priority standard - 1 message

This might happen with some other element of the panel but I found the 
issue with the wifi password.

Simply launch the TazPanel in 5.0 RC2 Live and try to put a wifi password with 
an ampersand (other characters might fail as well) it will disappear or be 
replaced by something else in /etc/network.conf.

EDIT: Seems this character is not accepted in SliTaz Bugs as well :).

Affected package(s): TazPanel


ERROR: sourcing msg.1
DATE="2017-07-07 08:23"
MSG="Doesn't accept the pipe "|" character either."