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Bug 130: CLOSED

Tazpanel not let us respond the (y/N) question asked by the tazpkg

Date: 2015-02-12 16:39 - Creator: eduardo-ac - Priority standard - 0 messages

When I use tazpanel to remove a package and there are others packages 
that depends on it, the tazpanel not let me respond the "(y/N)" question.\n\nI 
mean, for example, if I execute this in a shell:\nsudo tazpkg remove 
mplayer\n\nI can see:\nThe following packages depend on mplayer:\n 
mplayer-codecs\nRemove mplayer (1.1.1) (y/N) ?\n\nand by typing 
n:\nUninstallation of mplayer cancelled.\n\nBut, if I use the tazpanel, it 
will remove without asking for confirmation.

Affected package(s): tazpanel,tazpkg


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