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Bug 136: CLOSED

Installation of gawk or sed breaks tazpkg

Date: 2015-03-31 16:51 - Creator: don-t-ask - Priority standard - 1 message

If gawk or GNU sed is installed, replacement of the symbolic links to the 
busybox sed/awk occurs. tazpkg formulates many of its awk/sed actions to 
busybox's implementation, which does not precisely follow the syntax of the 
GNU commands.

Tazpkg and its associated tools should either choose to use 'busybox  
' to prevent this wherever these calls occur, or should place the 
sed/gawk binaries higher in the PATH variable and call the busybox links using 
the full path (/bin/sed, /bin/awk).

Since there are many other commands in Slitaz scripting that rely on PATH to 
locate the proper binary, this is likely not the ONLY area where replacement of 
busybox with installed packages would occur.

Affected package(s): tazpkg sed gawk


ERROR: sourcing msg.1
DATE="2015-04-12 20:55"
MSG="/usr/bin/tazpkg version 782, line 1643 is an example of where gawk and 
busybox awk are incompatible. Busybox doesn't seem to mind about a printf 
lacking a comma prior to the variable, but Gawk does (results in "not enough 
arguments to satisfy format string").

Changing this from "awk" to "busybox awk" works fine."