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Bug 191: CLOSED

Cannot install SliTaz to HDD when LiveUSB source selected

Date: 2018-03-01 - Creator: fazerr - Priority standard - 0 messages

Rolling releases as of 2018-02-25:
slitaz-rolling.iso (bdb9f573f290492aa472a1160a98841b)
slitaz-rolling-core.iso (9c6965a78661dda317164161fa444651)
slitaz-rolling-core64.iso (9354cebc096b7cd86ee5c851fc7fdd9e)

1. Image is written to USB stick with Universal USB installer for Windows, as 
it recommended in  doc.slitaz.org/en:guides:liveusb

2. SliTaz installer cannot install system on HDD when LiveUSB selected as 
source, saying "Error: partition not found" in installer interface (right next 
to "LiveUSB" option). 

However, SliTaz still can be installed by pointing to correct ISO file.

I also tried to generate LiveUSB by TazUSB Box, but nothing changed and the 
same error appears.


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