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Bug 193: CLOSED

Slitaz 5 is truncating passwords to nine characters on login

Date: 2018-03-02 - Creator: slitaz-tux - Priority critical - 0 messages

I have been testing with slitaz 5 rolling core. It seems that passwords are 
being truncated to nine characters and allowing users to login with only nine 
characters in a password, instead of the entire password

Steps to recreate

1. create passwords for users that are more than nine characters ( I have been 
using users: root and tux). Create passwords in a terminal or in the Slitaz 

2. login and out in an X session with the users

3. the login will accept the password and login the user with only nine 
characters of the password

I have also confirmed that this is an issue when logging in over SSH with 
dropbear, and with Slock and xLock screensavers.

This seems to be a Slitaz 5 issue. It was not present in Slitaz 4

thanks much :)


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