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Bug 200: CLOSED

package at-3.1.13 incomplete

Date: 2018-08-15 - Creator: hgt - Priority standard - 0 messages

# tazpkg -gi at
installs the package at properly. To allow a nonprivileged user to apply the at command, I entered
# echo nonprivileged_user_name >/etc/at.allow
$ at 20:00 2018-08-15
returns: at: error while loading shared libraries: libfl.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
$ tazpkg search-pkgname libfl.so.2
tells, that libfl.so.2 is contained in the package flex. The package flex has some more dependencies, from which I think they are not needed by at. Installing flex with
# tazpkg --nodeps -gi flex
is sufficient for /usr/bin/at to load properly. So I see at least two ways to solve the problem: 1. add dependency from flex to the recipe of the package at This has the drawback, that by default other packages needed by flex, but not by at are installed. 2. link the required module into /usr/bin/at That has the drawback, that newer versions of the required module, installed with the package flex, are not used by /usr/bin/at Maybe someone can find a better solution.

Affected package(s): at


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