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Bug 218: OPEN

slitaz-rolling-core64.iso from 32 bit live usb does not install properly

Date: 2019-03-18 - Creator: CyberLigan - Priority standard - 0 messages

slitaz-rolling-core64.iso doesn't create the content in the boot directory 
on install.

To reproduce the error: 
1) download  mirror1.slitaz.org/iso/rolling/slitaz-rolling-core64.iso 
2) copy to thumb drive built from version 5 (march 2019) running kernel 
3) Boot into live USB. Open taz panel -->gpart/partition + format (ext4)
4) mount usb and choose to install from iso, adding the path to 64bit iso
5) one harddrive and one partition only. install grub
6) install --> install completes ok.
7) reboot when prompted
8) on reboot, the screen displays error 15: file not found.

Root cause:
It seems that during the install only the grub directory copies over to the 
/boot directory, so the 64-bit vmlinuz is not found.

1) Boot back into live usb
2) browse to where the iso is
3) unpack / extract the missing directories and files
4) reboot-- all is good.

Affected package(s): slitaz-rolling-core64.iso


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