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Bug 229: OPEN

tazpkg cannot rebuild installed.md5

Date: 2019-11-25 - Creator: mistfire - Priority standard - 0 messages

Every slitaz packages was installed. Tazpkg saves receipt to 
/var/lib/tazpkg/installed/[package name]. In case the installed.info was 
missing it was easily rebuild it by tazpkg.

However when installed.md5 was missing and there is no internet connection 
present. It cant rebuild the missing installed.md5 file.

The solution to this problem was to save the package checksum to a file named 
package_checksum.md5 located at /var/lib/tazpkg/installed/[package name] then 
use this package_checksum.md5 files to rebuild the installed.md5 file by tazpkg

Affected package(s): tazpkg


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