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Bug 50: CLOSED

incomplete 'tail' command

Date: 2012-07-27 14:45 - Creator: buron - Priority standard - 0 messages

Not actually a bug, but may cause very confusing situations.

While using standard Slitaz 'tail' command (which leads to calling 'busybox') I've
encountered inadequate parsing of script's 'tail' parameters.
Here is the problem line of a script:
'tail 260l ./convert-desc.sh > /tmp.jar' (this is the installation script of Java
EE SDK 6u4  www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/downloads/index.html , 
it contains first 260 lines of standard shell commands in characters and the rest
is the binary of installation archive, so this command is needed to write tail of
the script file to a separate archive, which is used later by installation script)

Busybox doesn't parse '260l' parameter well (actually it is needed to pass '260l'
to busybox for the same effect), but GNU's coreutils do that. So here I've discovered
inconsistency between busybox's syntax and GNU's one. Simple installation of
coreutils-file-output-part-8.12 package lets to come over this problem, but this
is just hiding of a problem, not its solution.

Affected package(s): busybox


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