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Bug 89: CLOSED

sakura does not work for users created by adduser

Date: 2013-01-05 07:02 - Creator: facttech - Priority standard - 1 message

Creating a user with the command 'adduser ' will result in an 
account in which sakura will not function (loads but does not show prompt). 
Creating a 
user via TazPanel does not suffer from this problem.

It appears that accounts created via adduser are not added to the general users 
account (GID 100), but accounts created via TazPanel are. This does not appear 
to bethe whole cause of the problem, as the sakura issue occurs even if 
accounts\nare created with command 'adduser -G 100 '. 

However, it definitely appears that users created via TazPanel are set up with 
different parameters than those provided by default with adduser, so adjusting 
/etc/adduser.conf may help.

Affected package(s): slitaz-base-files


By: pankso on 2014-04-25 12:43

This bug id fixed by new Busybox (provide adduser) version, when a new 
user is created it is added automaticaly to thes groups:

test tty video cdrom audio users